Message from the Director

As a counselor who has worked at a number of nonprofit agencies and as a supervisor of many interns I have gotten to know a large number of ‘helpers'. I have worked with counselors, social workers, child advocacy specialists, and CPS and APS workers. ‘Helping Our Helpers' is inspired by them all. They have proven to be compassionate, talented and hard working individuals who have made a difference.

Our clients don't come to us because things are going well. We may work with people who feel hopeless, helpless, depressed even suicidal. We work with children who have been raped, women who have been beaten; we comfort those who have lost a loved one. We work with court ordered abusers, the chronically mentally ill and families that have been torn apart.

To become a counselor one must earn a master's degree from an accredited university, pass an exam and then complete 3000 hours of supervised internship, most of which is for little or no pay. I have always been impressed with their dedication, thirst for knowledge and patience. It has been very disappointing to see counselors who have earned their licensure leave the field due to burnout from the emotional toil of helping others.

Yes, we want to help others but who is there to help us?

Some counselors have developed coping skills for dealing with hearing other people's problems day after day. Still most ‘helping' agencies experience high turnover and some ‘helpers' work in private practice isolated from others in their field. Many ‘helpers' change careers and simply leaves the profession.

Yes, we want to help others but who is there to help us?

Of the nearly 2000 counselors in the Dallas area very few have insurance that covers counseling for themselves.

I decided to start ‘Helping Our Helpers' to provide free assessment and 4 sessions of counseling for $25 per session, support and education to counselors, social workers CPS and hospice workers. In addition to confidential individual sessions we will offer nonprofit agencies work shops, presentations focusing on self care, compassion fatigue, burnout prevention and career development.

We want to continue helping others, will you help us?

Susan Stacy LPCS



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