Jim, 34, married, with no children, has worked at a Mental Health, Mental Retardation Agency for two years. His wife, Annie, is a teacher, but because of school district cutbacks, she is currently unemployed. Jim and Annie have always been good planners, and careful with money, but are finding it difficult to keep up house payments and expenses on one salary. They both feel it's important to work in meaningful jobs that contribute to the well-being of the community, but are concerned because they are no longer able to save for their future. In fact, they are beginning to deplete the reserves they have. Annie just found out she is pregnant. Because she's already had two miscarriages the doctor wants her to stay at home, and off her feet, for at least four months. Jim wonders if he should consider going back to the higher-paying job he left two years ago. He's become anxious and depressed.

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